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Digital Design

We love talking shop, whether it’s grahic design, 3d animation or photoshop excellence

Technological Advancements

Whenever there is a major advancement in technology we bring you the latest news

Scientific Discoveries

Whether it is a new medical device or  a new energy advancement we are interested


New computer components continue to fascinate us. Reviews, information and opinions.

Our Story

We are a group of passionate nerds who love to discuss all things relating to technology, science, design and computing.  We bring a mix of expertise, information, and reviews

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  • Information 50%
  • Discussion 90%
Steve Carter

Steve Carter

Blog Poster

Steve is a passionate blogger who is especially interested in computers and digital design.

Miguel Prado

Miguel Prado

Blog Poster

Miguel’s post range is wide.  He posts what he wants, when he wants about whatever he wants. Count on it

Ellie Dogging

Ellie Dogging

Dog Poster

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