Net Neutrality 2017

Recently the comedian John Oliver had a segment on his show regarding the issue of net neutrality.  This seems like a common problem which relentlessly rears it’s ugly head every year or so.  Internet service providers continue to fight to find a way to regulate the bandwidth in which their internet service is being provided to best suit themselves.  The main issue with this is fairly simple, if a company like Comcast wanted to slow down its competitor’s service, like Netflix (as mentioned on “last night tonight”) they would be free to do so if this law was passed. 

As per usual, the big corporations are claiming that these issues are likely to not happen despite a history of very similar business tactics.  

To combat this idea John Oliver created a website to redirect his viewers straight onto the FCC’s complaints section to try to convince them that this is not what people want.  After spending the better part of a day at the top of Reddit the FCC shut down the website.

This battle continues to be waged as corporations look to squeeze every last dime out of their customers and position themselves to monopolize and control the internet.  The internet is such a powerful technology that it is obvious why thye would want to do this.  The problem is at what point do these corporations need to be regulating as to prevent them from becoming as self-serving and inherently “evil” regardless of who it is that is running them.

Technology should be used to benefit people’s lives, make their lives easier yet time and time again we see technology actually does the opposite.  We have all become slaves to our phones and the internet, most people feel they have less free time now and are often more insecure and disconnected thanks to the use of social media.

Technology in its self is fantastic; however, it seems when corporations and big money become involved the utopian views quickly fade and we’re reminded of  George Orwell’s 1984 world.

It’s time people begin to consider the ramifications of technology and question whether it is in fact making your life simpler or more complex.  If it can no longer be used for human’s benefit aside from lining the pockets of a few then maybe it is time to simplify.